This offer is valid till 12 June 2024.

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Services Details

Based on the conversation with Mr. Nadim, in which the work's requirements were discussed, we prepared the following:

01. Development

Based on your request, we have prepared the following suggestions for you to take your website online in the most proper and professional way.
We will build a multilingual website with the following specifications:

Static pages

Homepage: Pre-built design.
About us: Custom design.
Contact us: Custom design.
Landing page: Custom design.

Dynamic pages

Project template: Custom design.
Projects archive: Pre-built design.
Project attributes archive: Pre-built design.
Article template: Pre-built design.
Articles archive: Pre-built design.


Pre-built design (Inspired by the old DiyarTurk website).


Social media: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Pintrest - LinkedIn - TikTok - Snapchat - YouTube.
Google Services: Analytics - Ads - Business Manager - Cloud Console - Tag Manager.

User roles

We will prepare the following roles: Admin - Data Entry - Editor.

Control panel

We will design a simple and easy-to-use access control panel based on WordPress core.


The website will be built to accommodate the basics of engine optimization.
We will setup Rankmath plugin with the basic setup.

Archiving tools

We will link the website with the archiving tools of the Google search engine.

02. Policies

We will copy the policies from the old website.
  • Legal notices & Disclaimer
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy and Cookies Policy

03. Tutorials

We will prepare videos in Arabic or English explaining the following:
  • Managing static pages and articles.
  • Manage projects and attributes.

04. Training:

We will train one employee on all the points mentioned in the tutorials paragraph.

Delivery schedule

Host & Domain preparation

1 work-day

Mail server & Domain verification

1 work-day


Since we will copy the core from DAP website, we need 10-15 work-days to reconfigure the site and the redesign.


3 work-days

Pricing & Payments

Fixed payments

Development (2 Languages):

60% Downpayment - 40% on delivery.

Languages (100% payment in advance):

50$ For each extra language
200$ Translation credits (160,000 credit)

Recurring payments


Mandatory premium purchases (100% payment in advance):

100$ Languages plugin


  • The applied time zone is (GMT+3).
  • Inquiries and requests from [09:00 - 17:00 / Monday - Saturday] will be answered within one hour.
  • Inquiries and requests from [17:00 - 21:00 / Monday - Saturday] will be answered within 3 hours.
  • Inquiries and requests after [21:00 / Monday - Saturday] will be responded to the next day.
  • Sunday inquiries and requests will be answered on Monday (except in a severe emergency).
  • Working time should not exceed three hours a day (except in an emergency).
  • The time required to make the request will be estimated and agreed upon via the WhatsApp group.
  • Contact methods: WhatsApp messages and email (phone calls are accepted in an emergency).
  • Any modifications or new features required (third-party plug-ins, services, or subscriptions) will be paid separately.
  • All prices quoted are in US dollars and do not include taxes.
  • If the payment is made in another currency, it will be calculated at the exchange rate (of Ziraat Bank) on the same day during the bank's working-hours.
  • The above prices do not include banking or marketing costs or any indirect costs.